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As a 46-year-old mom who hadn't been training in a while, joining the Empower Program was a nerve-wracking decision. However, from the very first day, I felt incredibly guided through this journey. Overcoming each challenge became a source of immense pride, and with every step, I could feel my confidence growing. This program lives up to its name - I've truly been empowered to rediscover my strength and vitality. Thank you, Empower, for helping me become a stronger, more confident version of myself! 


– Oddfríður, 46

Being an athlete my whole life, I was always in tune with my body, but going through menopause was a bewildering experience that left me feeling disconnected from myself. Just four weeks into the program, I felt like I was finding that athlete again! This journey has been incredibly powerful, helping me rediscover the familiar strength and connection with my body. I can genuinely say that I have become a better version of myself through this experience

–   Andrea, 56

After trying numerous diets and engaging in various training programs to shed extra weight around the midline, I often found myself falling short, while my husband experienced significant changes. However, I decided to give the EMPOWER program a try because it is specifically tailored to menopausal women. The results have been truly remarkable. I've not only shed over 10 pounds and gained lean muscle mass but also experienced a surge in energy and overall well-being. The educational content is also top-tier, and understanding the WHYs has made it much easier for me to stay consistent. I know these things never happen fast, but the trust I have in the program and the belief that it will help me get there are big motivators! EMPOWER has provided me with a deeper understanding of my body, leading to improved sleep patterns and a sense of lasting change rather than a temporary fix. I couldn't be more thrilled with the way I feel and the enduring impact this program has had on my life.


–  Agnes, 57

I didn’t really understand what was going on. I was experiencing weight gain, despite having made no changes to my diet or activity level. I felt overwhelmed and stressed, my sleep quality plummeted, and sensed that I was losing my grip and myself. I went to the doctor, only to be told that such changes were simply a part of aging. This was a hard pill to swallow - I have always been a very active person, loved hiking and enjoyed going out for a run in my spare time. It was then that I stumbled upon Dr. Stacy Sims, and she immediately caught my attention as if she were speaking directly to me. Having tried hormonal therapy and various training fads but never ventured into resistance training, I felt privileged to be among the first to try this program. This world is very foreign to me, so the level of guidance and support through EMPOWER has been crucial to building my confidence in and outside of the gym. I NOW LIFT WEIGHTS! I still go on a run every now and then, but resistance training is here to stay. I finally feel like I am back in the driver’s seat. 


–  Sæunn, 54

I’ve been training at Annie’s gym for quite some time now. Having completed 2 Ironman competitions and engaged in CrossFit for many years, I've recently noticed some changes in my body that I attribute to perimenopause. I want to maintain my energy levels so that I can keep up with my 10-year-old and continue going on all of the adventure trips I love so much! The Empower programming has been a game-changer for me, offering not only valuable education but also a structured lifting program to follow. I a still attending CrossFit classes once a week, but now I have been finding myself lifting heavier weights with a newfound confidence. Who knows, I might even break the barrier and train in just my sports bra again soon! 

–  María, 52

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